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Take Back Your LinkedIn: 5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

You don't have to be an entrepreneur or executive to start building a personal brand on LinkedIn. From students to seniors, everyone can take advantage of this platform to shape their reputation and future. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital introduction with valuable real estate. Make sure it's presentable. It doesn't have to be a professional headshot, but don't have a group photo. Also, consider adding a banner that represents what you do. Tools like Canva can help you create a standout profile.

Example of a Good Profile:

  • Background Banner Image: Use it to convey your personality.

  • Brand Colors: Be consistent with your brand identity.

  • Headline: Be creative but clear in describing what you do.

Step 2: Follow Inspiring Creators

Want inspiration on your feed? Follow the people who inspire you. Find thought leaders in your industry. I follow people like Luke Frazier who are like ninja's when it come to advice on grow your brand.

Step 3: Engage with Others

Building relationships on LinkedIn goes beyond posting. Engage with others by liking and commenting. Be curious! Ask questions. The goal is to create conversations, not just give your two cents.

Step 4: Schedule Your Posts

Consistency is king!! Block out 20-minute slots to write about what you've learned or mistakes you've made that day. If you need inspiration, there are plenty of ideas online. The key is to commit and stay consistent.

Tips to Get Started:

  • What did you learn this week?

  • Share common mistakes in your job.

  • Talk about someone you've met or who has helped you.

Step 5: Determine Your Posting Frequency

As you get comfortable writing, you'll want to find the optimal time and frequency for your posts. I use tools like SHIELD which have dramatically helped me find when my audience is ready to engage. Start with a goal and adjust as you learn what works best.

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn might seem overwhelming, but these five steps simplify the process. Focus on:

  1. Creating a professional profile.

  2. Following inspiring creators.

  3. Engaging with others.

  4. Scheduling regular posts.

  5. Determining how often you want to post.

Look to those you admire, understand your audience, and be consistent. With these steps, there's nothing holding you back.

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